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Hashtag Street Food was created in 2017 by Claudy Schenk, Josephine Si Aceron and Natsumi Yamamoto. They all worked together at the ‘Elizabeth Café’; Claudy as a sous-chef, Natsumi as a head barista and Josephine as a pastry chef where the three friends, drawn together over their passion for food and hospitality decided to team up and branch out on their own.

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Our Menu

– Stir fried cured beef: Stir fried melty beef, hummus, aioli, rocket salad and a touch of Chimichurri. It’s served on freshly baked flat bread. $15

– Chinese glazed pork belly: Slow cooked pork belly caramelized and glazed with traditional Chinese recipe, chipotle aioli, rocket salad, and for the sharpness a bit of homemade pickle. It’s served on a freshly baked flat bread. $14

– Vegetarian flat bread: Fresh and seasonal shaved veggies, hummus, aioli, rocket salad with a well-balanced balsamic and mustard dressing. It’s served on a freshly baked flat bread. $13

– Japanese Crispy Chicken: Fried free-range chicken thighs Japanese style marinade, tasty homemade wasabi mayo (not spicy), daikon salad seasoned with a refreshing Ponzu dressing. $14

– Chicken and cheese croquets. $10

– Pull pork wrap: Wrap stuff with some slow cooked pull pork (very moist), chipotle aioli, rocket salad, homemade pickle. $10

– French fries’ Regular size: 250g f quality fries cooked in a nice and clean oil and served with a choice of our homemade sauce. $5

– French fries’ Jumbo size: 500g of quality fries cooked in a nice and clean oil and served with a choice of our homemade sauce. $8.

We believe that simple, classic burgers are the best. Nothing “gourmet” here ; this term is over-used ; just honest burgers made with fresh ingredients and simple recipes. We make our own mayonnaise, our own aioli and our own seasoning tossed on our fries. We use fresh hand-leafed iceberg lettuces, ripe tomatoes and mild onions. 

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Our patties are a 100% pure NZ beef, nothing added to it and our chicken is antibiotics free. We only ever use free-range meat (beef, pork, chicken) and the eggs we use in our homemade mayo & homemade aioli are also free-range. It is more expensive to buy free-range goods but we believe it is better for everyone ! All the cheesy burgers on our menu include 3 different types of cheeses instead of a tiny slice of cheddar… just because cheese is soooo good ! We use a sweet bun that we toast before assembling your burgers. We also offer a wide range of drinks from mineral water and fruity kombucha to imported specialty soft drinks. The Machup Burger food truck originated in Papamoa Beach in 2018 and attends local markets, events and festivals in the Bay Of Plenty, NZ.

Craft beer

We’re a small but growing brewery, located in an old petrol station in Wellington. It’s an unlikely place for a brewery but our aim in the Garage is to create unique and beautiful beers. We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be. We’re here to try something new. Just like you.

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Garage Project is an independent, Wellington-based brewery from humble beginnings. In 2011, Pete Gillespie, Jos Ruffell, and Ian Gillespie transformed an old car garage in Aro Valley to begin brewing 50 litres at a time. Garage Project has established a Cellar Door and Taproom in their Aro Valley, Wellington site, along with a mixed fermentation and barrel location in central Wellington, and, as of early 2018, a Cellar Door in Kingsland, Auckland. Garage Project has also undertaken a partnership in the form of a state of the art brewery in the Hawkes Bay bringing an exciting new resource for the New Zealand craft beer industry.

Garage Project’s aim is to create unique and beautiful beers. We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be. We’re here to try something new. Garage Project’s beers are now sought after throughout the world, with limited distribution in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden and California.

Pete Gillespie – co-founder of Garage Project has over 15 years’ experience brewing in England, Australia and now New Zealand. This experience has come across a range of brewery sizes and shapes, from extremely old and traditional, through to large craft breweries, and then right back down to the 50L origins of the Garage. Pete is responsible for developing the flavours and unique offerings in the Garage with support from his growing brewery team.

Jos Ruffell – co-founder of Garage Project has over 8 years’ experience working in the digital entertainment and video game industries. During this time, Jos Chaired the organizing Trust of the largest Digital Entertainment, Animation and Game Development conference in New Zealand, and sat on the Board of Film New Zealand for 5 years. Jos oversees new business and strategic development at Garage Project, along with marketing, events and onsite experiences. In 2016 Jos was named EY’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Little Creatures was originally brewed in Australia in 2000 by a bunch of mates who loved hoppy pale ales, so decided to brew one themselves. A huge shed (and former crocodile farm) on the water’s edge in Freemantle was to become the home of this beer and the birthplace of Little Creatures Brewing Co.

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It has since grown to the most successful craft brewery in Australia and is now brewed in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand,  San Francisco and London. Little Creatures gets its name from the live yeast cultures present in the beer – affectionately known by brewers as ‘Little Creatures’, which is what gives the pale ale its distinctive cloudy appearance and unique flavour.

Hobsonville Point

Little Creatures Hobsonville Point opened in February this year. Housed in an historic seaplane hangar, built in 1939 to house TEAL’s giant Seaplanes and overlooking the Hauraki Gulf, it offers a range of Aus favourites and NZ Limited releases brewed on site. There are three dining options including, the main Little Creatures dining hall, Salty’s Fish n Chips and Kittyhawk Cocktail and Wine Bar.

And now we have our 1st Little Creatures ‘Outpost’ in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Located in the new Bayfair Shopping Centre’s ‘Dine’ precinct; The Freeport Tavern offers all the classic Little Creatures styles, as well as some limited release options fresh from our brewery at Hobsonville Point.

The Papamoa Beach Tavern is the heart of the Papamoa Community. Welcoming a diverse range of punters through its colourful doors each day the Pap Tav greets every visitor with a great range of cold beer and delicious easy to love food. Full of warm beachy vibes and good times the Papamoa Beach tavern is a fun option for anyone looking to kick back and relax during the day, dine with friends or party in the late evenings.



Purchased in 1986, the neglected but historic Vidal’s No.2 Vineyard at Te Awanga, Hawke’s Bay was set to become Clearview Estate. Tim Turvey with business partner Helma van den Berg took on the challenge of bringing it back to life. Together they hand grafted and planted the first vines in the winter of 1988.

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Clearview Estate Winery Ltd was established for the first red wine vintage in 1989, following some experimentation in prior years. Chardonnay began in 1991 with the release of the first Reserve Chardonnay.

Over the next several years, Tim and Helma went on to plant thousands of trees including avocado, olive, bay, citrus, gums, and melia. And they didn’t stop there. Together they expanded the vineyard by three acres each year, grafting and planting vines, ramming posts, running wires, training young vines, and for many years completing all of the pruning themselves.

Today the business proudly remains owner-operated. Tim oversees the vineyards and works with chief winemaker Matt Kirby and assistant winemaker Rob Bregmen to create legendary much-awarded wines. Helma manages the finance, restaurant, gardens and her extraordinary team. Steeped in history, Clearview Estate Winery Cellar Door and Clearview Estate Red Shed Restaurant have become an iconic and awarded destination for both locals and visitors from afar.

Hihi Wines is a small boutique winery based in Gisborne. The label launched was by Andy Nimmo in 2005. Since then 90+ award winning wines have been produced including Sparkling Wines, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Albarino, Gewurztraminer, Merlot, Syrah, Blended Reds. World famous in Gisborne since recently!


With the belief that the greatest wines of the world are made in the vineyard…
Each small parcel of vines are carefully tended and harvested by hand, then vinified separately, fusing classic Old World techniques with innovative New World ideas. Our winemaking team is provided with the broadest possible palette from which to blend world class wines that are unique expressions of Man O’ War.

Leefield Station is a range of wines that celebrate the history of the iconic sheep and beef station located in the heart of the Waihopai Valley. Purchased in 2013 by Marisco Vineyards, the property inspired us to go back to the beginning with our winemaking approach. Defined by their authenticity, these wines embody the rustic charm and vibrant flavours that Marlborough is known for.

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When the Leefield Station property in the heart of the Waihopai Valley came on the market Marisco proprietor, Brent Marris, just knew he had to have it. Not only would this be an opportunity to continue and grow the Marisco brand with land from the beloved Waihopai, but an opportunity to own and take guardianship of a piece of trophy land in Marlborough.

Having grown up in Marlborough with a father who was well acquainted with this property, Brent set about buying the land with the vision of bringing to life the winemaking potential this land had to offer while paying homage to the history of Leefield Station as a farming property. His aim was to create a unique property that would see world-class viticulture and winemaking be complemented by a fully functioning Romney sheep and Angus beef station.

With an ambitious vision and a creative, hard-working team this vision is gradually being brought to life. Leefield Station wines are quickly being established as quality, award-winning wines that over deliver on quality. The farm is at the forefront of agricultural technology running Romney sheep and establishing a name as a reputable Angus stud. Plans for the future include a world leading winery that will lead the way in technology and innovation due to be completed in time for the 2020 vintage.

Mills Reef Winery was established in 1989 by the Preston family.

Through commitment and dedication to excellence, the Mills Reef brand has established itself as one of New Zealand’s premium labels with a particular reputation for outstanding Bordeaux varietal reds and Syrah and exceptional Chardonnay.


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Mills Reef Wines are produced from superior grapes grown in the Hawkes Bay region, they are hand crafted by our winemaking team in Tauranga,

New Zealand, employing 100% sustainable practices throughout the winemaking process, from vine to glass.

We look forward to serving some stunning wines at Tauranga’s newest Food, Wine and Music Festival. See you there!

OUR ETHOS – Utilising our own Carter family vineyards & other boutique estates, we have chosen 3 of the best NZ winemakers from Waiheke Island, Marlborough & Central Otago – giving each wine its own distinctive style & personality.



The ultimate expression of our minimal-intervention winemaking philosophy, Stoneleigh Wild Valley is crafted using fruit picked at optimum ripeness and is wild fermented by the micro-flora that occur naturally in the Rapaura environment.

Tohu Wines is the world’s first Māori owned wine company.

Since 1998, Tohu has focused on producing estate grown, single vineyard wines from New Zealand’s premier grape growing regions.

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The Tohu winemaking philosophy is to create wines that capture the flavours of each region’s unique environment, while upholding respect and protection of the land for future generations.

Today, Tohu is acknowledged as He mātāmua taketake – the original, the first Māori-owned and operated wine label. Our wine is enjoyed by people all over the world. Its quality has been recognised through many prestigious awards and accolades.

Tohu Wines is part of Kono, a Māori, whānau-owned company based in Te Tauihu , the top of the South Island. With more than 4000 owner families, our purpose is to preserve and enhance our taonga for present and future generations.
Thoughtfulness, kindness and hospitality are central to our identity as Māori. We value people above all things.

One of our core values, manaakitanga, encapsulates care and respect for people and relationships, including the natural environment. It governs the way we interact with one another. An essential part of Māori culture is our desire to feed and nurture people. Sharing food is a traditional way of bringing people together. We demonstrate our love and respect for people by providing them with outstanding food and wine.


Volcanic Hills Winery is excited to be at the Tauranga Food Wine and Music Festival. Discover the amazing flavours of New Zealand’s best wine growing areas, all made in Rotorua but brought to the event to share with you on 23 November 2019.

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The Volcanic Hills Tasting Room is situated at the top of the iconic Skyline Gondola, offering our delicious wines with panoramic views in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
Find out more about us at
FB @volcanichillswine or Insta @volcanichillswinery

The Wet Jacket brand is a unique concept reverencing the history of farming in Central Otago and celebrating the modern wine industry of today.


Located in the greenbelt of Te Puna.
Where we craft and share small, fresh batches of award-winning cider.


Good Buzz Kombucha is a healthful addition to your daily wellness routine, providing a source of probiotics, active enzymes and organic acids in a refreshing low-sweetness fizzy soft drink. But the best part is that it tastes great any time of day – have it for breakfast or have it at a barbecue with mates.

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Now found around the world, this ancient elixir is made by fermenting a sweetened tea base with a living culture called a mother. Our culture has been a part of the family, here in NZ, since 1974. 

We only make 100% traditional kombucha. We DON’T make ours from ‘concentrate, we NEVER dilute, we DON’T use non-nutritive sweeteners like Erythritol and Stevia, and we DON’T pasteurise. Good Buzz is a TRUE BREW! 

Good Buzz comes in 7 flavours: Lemon Ginger, Feijoa, Raspberry Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Jasmine, Original and new Pineapple Mango. Brewed and bottled in Tauranga with Otakiri Springs water and certified organic with Biogro NZ.


The classic summer essential, arguably a staple to the kiwi diet.

The Ice Cream Truck NZ provides a unique experience, a modern twist to the old school child memories of an ice cream truck. The perfect compliment to any event, big or small. 

Made with masses of locally sourced berries, mixed with top quality ice cream and served in a crisp waffle or bio-degradable cup.


Marty Rich and Gavin Correia, otherwise known as JUPITER PROJECT, aren’t new to the scene in their native New Zealand. Following the success of their recent singles, the electronic R&B duo are ready to make waves with the release of their eagerly anticipated album.

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The duo have had international success with their single WITH YOU (featuring Jetski Safari & Helen Corry) which achieved Gold Status in New Zealand alongside charting in France and Belgium. The catchy tune has also been streamed over 8 million worldwide. 

Alongside having their Saturday night mix show on iHeart Radio and ZM, they’re regulars on the festival circuits playing on the main stages at Rhythm and Vines and Our House Festival. The talented duo have also shared the stage, opening acts with the likes of Flume, Skrillex, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Netsky,, Jessie J and Jason Derulo. The boys are known as one of New Zealand’s most prolific song-writers having penned a number of Top 10 hits. 

After releasing with Universal Music France & Universal Republic / Casablanca, the pair embarked on a successful European tour that included performing at Electroshock festival alongside Moby and Rudimental. 

Following on from their latest hit single TEMPORARY LOVE which has peaked at #1 on the NZ Music and Spotify Charts, the duo will release their collaboration with NZ producer RYAN ENZED – SUMMER ROLLIN’. The track features smooth vocals over a dance inducing production that is set to get dance floors moving throughout the globe.

We are The Native Poms, a boy/girl acoustic duo with a great mixture of songs for you. We love what we do and would love to share it with you too.

We play regularly around The Mount and Tauranga, so this page is mainly to inform you about where you can find us playing.

Few entertainers in New Zealand can claim to have been playing in bars since the age of thirteen. Aside from the obvious legal ramifications, this is because few entertainers feel the way about music that Vegas Brown does. It is not just his bread and butter, but his heart, his soul, and his life-blood.

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This passion is exemplified, not only in every one of his live performances, but in his diverse and eclectic musical background. Whether it be behind the drums, behind the microphone or simply behind the next person in line, Vegas Brown exudes a genuine and sincere love for his craft.

In 1995 Vegas took up the microphone with Mama Said, the popular funk-rock outfit who’s driving rhythms and signature vocals saw them take out both first place and Best Vocalist at the 2000 New Zealand Battle of the Bands. This title, and the growing reports of the band’s energetic and talented frontman, inevitably led to bigger festivals and shows, and so, in an effort to reconnect with his love of smaller, more low-key gigs, Vegas formed Warrant of Fatness, a collaborative covers band, made up of some of the finest musicians in the Waikato. Primarily conceived as an act designed to warm up a crowd, Warrant of Fatness quickly achieved infamy through their ability to overshadow the main act with their sociable banter and story-telling, as well as their huge sound and dynamic versions of popular songs. Warrant of Fatness rapidly rose through the ranks of the cover scene, and were repeatedly funded for nationwide tours, where they left crowds eager to hear more of the unique blend of music and (often inadvertent) stand-up comedy.

In 2003, Vegas completed the line-up of Hamilton rockers, 48May, where he spent three years behind the drums; releasing two albums, and collecting numerous accolades such as ‘Best Drummer’, ‘Best Song’, ‘Best NZ Band’, ‘Favourite Newcomers’ and a highly coveted Gold Album. His tenure in 48May also saw him play alongside peers such as Alien Ant Farm, Simple Plan, Panic! At The Disco and Grinspoon, and perform at sold out festivals such as Big Day Out, the Queenstown Winterfest, and X Air. However, as his reputation behind the drums increased, so too did his desire to take up his familiar role behind the microphone once again. And so, in 2006 Vegas returned to the front of the stage, bringing with him the flair for showmanship, and the passion for music that had made him such a recognizable figure in the New Zealand music industry.

This passion was realised not only in the form of his live shows, but also in the heartfelt and honest songs he began writing. Rather than deal in the vague commonalities of girls, love and life that are all too familiar on today’s airwaves, Vegas instead, found a cathartic sense of release writing about his own personal issues, both positive and negative– the moments in time that affected him, and ultimately, defined him. Interspersed throughout his show, these original and emotive songs counterbalance the more recognizable covers that never fail to get people up and dancing.
Without the backing of a full band, it is a rarity to find an act that can capture a crowd so completely, and yet, armed with a single guitar and an inherent sense of rhythm and flow, Vegas doesn’t play through sets as much as glide through them. Audiences are transformed from peripheral listeners to active participants, and music changes from a noun to a verb, in a shared social experience that can only be achieved by someone who truly loves what they do.

“Something Like That” a mix of RnB/Rock/Pop & Reggae in our own special “Acoustic Soulful” style. We cater to local bars, events, concerts and weddings.